The most comprehensive program available to take you from entry level to a meaningful career path. 

Others are "non-coached" and questions are discouraged.

Unsupervised online practice charts alone are not an internship.

Few hiring decision makers embrace this notion.
An internship is a real world period of practical work experience where the intern enjoys the benefit of working with experienced mentors.
Benefits of an internship include evaluation and assessment, guidance, genuine workplace situations, skills development, and more.  

The Right Focus Makes All Of The Difference

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Learn the Art of Being A Convicted Federal Felon

How To Survive in Federal Prison
Free lessons by the owner of the organization that slapped a stigma on your credential
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Learn How To Get That Position You Seek

Real world mentoring to achieve success
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Develop your Professional skills with Professional guidance

The goal of having a letter removed from your certification may be your objective, but that is not what prospective employers are concerned with.
Employers need proficient, productive, and self sufficient staff that will maintain normal business operations.
The simple removal of a stigmatizing letter does not make that transformation. Genuine experience does.

About The Program

Learn by working directly with experienced Professionals in real world workflows to use all the related tools and resources of the field.
Develop the skills and confidence to secure a position and be a rockstar from day one.

Develop the skills you need to become a bona fide professional.

Boost your proficiency and confidence to master the field.

Practical Experience

Our training is designed to develop all of the skills needed to be successful .
There is far more to real world coding than simple assignment of codes.
  • Guidelines
  • Documentation challenges
  • Professional interactions and communication
  • Problem solving
  • Reference and resource utilization including 
  • AHA Coding Clinic® and CPT Assistant® 
  • Address denied or pended claims by correcting deficiencies
and much more.

Our practical approach provides real world scenarios and preparation led by real world Professional and highly experienced mentors.

Globally oriented

Strategies shared and knowledge earned allows our students to immediately set up their business and start offering their services around the globe.

For your career

Whether you want to boost your career within the company you are working or grow at your own business by applying the latest strategies we teach, this is the way.
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