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A MasterClass

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Learn the basic concepts of achieving in any context.
The skills you need to thrive in your career and enjoy the time and quality of life that you deserve.

Benefits Of This Program


Learn how to custom tailor your career to fit your every need and desire without limits. This 5 part On Demand Webinar series provides the necessary foundations for a more fulfilling career, more time for the important things in life, and more income.
Never have to "settle" for what others are willing to offer you. Take back control of your time, your skills, your value, and your life. Never again be at the mercy of another. Always have the final decision on matters that impact every aspect of your career and personal life.

Private Learning

We feature a series of special workshops led by our instructors and guest professionals.

Workshop Format

Benefit from learning with your peers. Try it and you will not regret it. 

Summer groups

Keep progressing even in your summer holidays though a variety of activities.
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Option # 1

Be paid a fixed salary or hourly wage, regardless of how much value you actually represent and generate. 
Have every aspect of your career at the direction of others. Your 

Option # 2

Set your earning based on your skills and value. Be able to
scale each and every hour to represent your true value as determined by you.
Being in complete control over your time and schedule. Have the flexibility to
take time off when you need it without having to ask for permission or worry
about negative consequences.

Learn From A Colleague Just Like You

Doug Palmer began his career in 1990 as a billing phone representative. He views this as the single most important key to his success. 
Doug is a mentor who truly understands your professional journey? He has been travelled the same path as you and can offer valuable insights and guidance to help you navigate and elevate your career  and the success that can be achieved from it..

As a peer, he has firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities that come with the field. He has encountered the same hurdles and overcome them, and is now eager to share his knowledge and expertise with you.

You'll be able to accelerate your professional achievement, growth, and success achieve your goals.

Proven, experienced, and personalized lessons tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.
  • Highly Engaging courses
  • Unique Learning Paths
  • Video Conferencing
  • Assignments
  • 24/7 Support with Live Chat
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What Is Living A Life Of Self Determination Like? 

Doug Palmer uses his skills and his passion every day. He offers multiple services that benefit his customers and he does so at extremely competitive rates. 
He also enjoys complete freedom. He decides his schedule, each and every day, he is in control of every decision that impacts his work and his personal life. 
He never has to wait for "payday" since he has customers paying him on any given day. 
Since he sets his own value, he earns far more than any "job" he ever had.
It is a rare week that his time spent exceeds 25-30 hours. He decides 
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Shares His Knowledge With Other Professionals

From his unmatched Risk Adjustment/HCC Training to other Coding, H.I.M., and Revenue Cycle courses. Doug brings value and learning to the industry.
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Helping healthcare consumers navigate the complexities of healthcare costs and bills.

Each and every day, Doug helps consumers be assured that they are receiving fair and accurate 
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Develop your professional skills

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field
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Lesson series

Develop your professional skills

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field
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