You are watching Chat GPT code a chart.
No programming.
No sophistication.
No guidelines.

Now, imagine tailoring A.I. with programming of things such as guidelines, sophisticated data rules, decision pathways. 

If you believe that this is not already well advanced in Technology Departments of big corporations with near limitless budgets and the incentive of developing this to replace expensive human labor, then you may be turning a blind eye to reality.
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The impact of AI is historic in all facets of life. The emergence of AI will dwarf all prior technology advances combined. For that reason, we must remain aware of its rapidly expanding entrance into both our personal and professional lives.


Some things are simply necessary before they are immediately needed. Smoke/Fire Detectors, Flashlights, Batteries, and more are items one keeps on hand to prepare for when they are needed.

The emergence of AI will create a never before seen disruption in roles, staffing needs, and workforce numbers.


The evolution of technology and progress cannot be stopped. However, its implementation must be conducted responsibly to protect the rights and security of the human resources impacted. Providing those in the field a voice to assure fair treatment is essential.


While the emergence of AI in daily life may seem obvious, how it is implemented into corporate structures may not be. This is poised to be the most historic change in workforce in history with unprecedented reductions in positions.  This calls for employers to exercise unprecedented clarity and communication for the stability of our society. Acting without responsibility can, without exaggeration, lead to chaos on the grandest scale.


Throughout the impending change, the narrative must not be one of spin and propaganda to serve the needs of a select group or interest. There must remain a centerpoint, a balance., an unbiased source or sources of information. 


The need for complete, accurate, timely, and actionable information is critical with the unprecedented volume, speed, and fallout that is a certainty as AI spreads like a wildfire. 
Industry Professionals need complete, clear, and centralized information  on which to base their career planning on.

Where there is smoke
There is fire

Don't be the one standing in the ashes!
Practice prudence!
Each Professional must take an approach of forethought and preparation as no one will do this for them.
One must remain aware of the trends happening around them.
Not simply within their own industry but in other key indicators.
Certainly there are a number of reasons for the downturn in the technology sector that is currently occurring.
However, to dismiss AI as a contributing factor and a significant factor would be naïve. 






See the article below from Forbes
It is simply not reasonable to presume that AI will create more opportunity for Medical Coders,
Medical Billers, and many of the roles that make up the greatest percentage of employment in the H.I.M. field.
It is also a certainty that AI will drastically reduce the volume of these roles.


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