Explore Risk Adjustment HCC Coding

Explore Risk Adjustment and HCC Coding with 7 expertly presented modules. 
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About The Course

Learn about Risk Adjustment and HCC Coding, its purpose, and how it applies to the industry.
Learn about the opportunity for Medical Coders in this In Demand skill set.
Become a more informed and enlightened Professional.

7 Modules and over 4 hours of discovery content! Presented by highly experienced Professionals with insight and examples. 

  • Overview of Risk Adjustment
  • History of Risk Adjustment
  • Different Risk Adjustment Models
  • Medicare Advantage and the CMS HCC Model
  • HCC Coding
  • Medical Records and Documentation
  • Financial Implications

Full course with Expanded Resources, Exam Prep, Support, Hundreds of Additional Learning Modules including CDI, ICD 10 CM, and more available at a discount for those that wish to build on the foundation provided in this offer. 
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