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Sharing your knowledge and expertise can be an enjoyable way to earn income while using your training, experience, knowledge, and insight that will benefit your colleagues. While results will vary based on individual factors, it is highly achievable to earn superior income in excess of the "average" annual income in as little as 5 hours a week.

One national organization routinely charges $59 - $79 for webinars.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, offered this sage advice "Your margin is my opportunity!" This seems to have worked out pretty well for him, wouldn't you agree?

Consider this:
If you have content to share, and were to share that with one presentation a week for less than half of the other more expensive option, then you could enjoy income of $130,000 a year. 
That is right. $25 per registrant with just 100 registrants per week each of 52 weeks
25 X 100 X 52 = $130,000

Let's go over that another way.
A presentation is made available March 1 for example.
It has 100 registrations @ $25 for a total of $2.500
The recording is then made available "On Demand"
The presentation continues to generate income as long as it is available "On Demand"
So, do not get hyper-focused on whether 100 actually register at the time of release.
In fact, another way to figure it is, if each "On Demand" presentation is purchased just twice each week, the would be the same (in fact a bit more) than having 100 attendees during the initial event. 
Let us go back to the March 1 example. Let's say that there are 50 registrations @ $25 ($1,250) and even just 1 "On Demand" view (which is extremely conservative for example purposes) the remaining weeks of the year ($1,275) That single presentation earned $2,525 for the year. 
Produce 1 presentation a week with the same figures that is $131,300 a year.
Again, these are very conservative numbers if topics are chosen well.

One a week too much? Start with one a month. If you have 100 registrants at $25 that is $30,000 per year.

Remember, each presentation can continue to earn when offered "On Demand".

Don't have the expertise?
Engage a Subject Matter Expert and develop an equitable compensation arrangement.
Many organizations provide speakers for free or a reasonable fixed cost. Such as CMS at

The possibilities and the potential are limited only by your motivation and ingenuity.
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Webinars are a great way to earn income as they offer a number of benefits that make them a sensational way to achieve career goals. 

Wide reach: Webinars can reach a large audience in a short amount of time, regardless of location. 

Cost-effective: Hosting webinars can be accomplished for less than  the cost of a cell hone bill or an entertainment streaming subscrption. The return on the absolute minimal investment makes it a "no brainer". 

Interactivity: Webinars allow for real-time interaction between the presenter and attendees, making them an engaging and interactive professional development experience for all.

Lead generation: Because webinars are an extremely low time investment, they are a great way to generate leads and build other income. So many are stuck in a career funk, in a rut, stagnant or in a role that is not their true passion. Webinars can provide substantial income with considerable time conservation allowing anyone to pursue their true passion. An inherent benefit to webinars is the vast networking and relationship building that occurs. From production coding to auditing, Clinical Documentation, Revenue Cycle, and any area of interest and expertise, webinars provide a near endless network to pursue ones individual interests.  By offering valuable content and information during the webinar, relationships are forged where other skills can be matched to those that seek them.

Overall, webinars are a versatile, cost-effective, and highly effective marketing tool that can help you generate income and build your brand.

Course Lessons

You Can Do This Too!

Below is a real world case of a Professional sharing their knowledge, the reach that can be achieved, the benefit to peers, and the success that can be achieved.
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Learn from demonstrated accomplishment.

38,000 + YouTube views may not compare to some that have millions of views.

However, with just approximately 400,000 individuals in the potential range of interested viewers, this is a significant milestone.

Averaging 9+ hours of watch time per day over the last 365 days is a consistent success. 
Many favorable comments affirm that the information presented was useful to viewers.

“This was very helpful as I embark on my new career into coding. I've been in the medical field as a provider for over 20 years. Coding is a whole different world! Thank you!”

“Great to get a basic understanding of risk adjustment! Thank you to the presenter!”

“I knew absolutely nothing about HCC and diagnosis coding nor risk assessment. Now I feel like a have a basic knowledge. A least a "terms and definition" basic knowledge, so when someone starts throwing out acronyms, I won't be completely loss!  Thank you!”

“It has the perfect amount of detail.”

“I live the "Cats" and Harriet and Ozzie. Came at the perfect time to recapture my attention before it all started going over head and my eyes glazed over from confusion and stupor of thought. Entertaining and informative...the best kind of class. Well done!  Thank you.”

“Very informative. This video explained the basics to risk adjustment that I did not grasp in other training. Very detailed. Thanks!!”

“This is wonderful, thanks so much for posting.  Very insightful and straightforward.”

“Great video!  Information was clear and concise. Thank you.”

“Thank you. Very Straightforward. One of the best explanation about Risk adjustment.”

“Very clear and to the point. Thank you for sharing”

“Excellent video!  Thank you so much for explaining this I watch so many video but couldn’t gasps of it until now”

“Good presentation. But it seems like that some errors in the presentation. Based on HCCs (19. 96, 11, and 85) from the example, three disease interactions (CHF * DM, CHF * COPD, and CHF * Specified Heart Arrhythmia) SHOULD be counted. But only one is counted. Please correct me if I am wrong.”

From the Presenter : Thank you for your observation and your correct statement. In the presentation it was mentioned that the scenario was for illustration purposes. The illustration was simplified intentionally so as not to confuse the audience with a complicated scenario where the point being made would risk being lost. This presentation is an “Introduction” and an “Overview” and is not intended to be a formal “class” and the presentation begins with a disclaimer to that effect. Indicating that the specialty of Risk Adjustment cannot be learned in a brief webinar. As such, some points are meant for illustration and general concept understanding for the sake of time. Only a full course provides the time to expand on every element. That said, your observation demonstrates that you are a knowledgeable Professional and have terrific command of the subject matter and you are to be commended for your expertise.

“Thank you very much for the webinar. The webinar is excellent.”

“Excellent. Really like your teaching technique. Thank you”

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! wonderful video :)”

“Thank you so much. I have got the basics what I am looking for my job.”

“Great work”  

“This was very helpful and informative. “

Doug Palmer

Doug Palmer has more than 30 years experience in the Health Information Management field. He started as a call center representative for a billing company, was promoted 3 times in his first 2 years, and simply never looked back. He soon moved in to Medical Coding building experience and expertise in a diverse range of skills working with medical practices, facilities, and payers. His passion is the development of his colleagues. His goal is to help each individual that he engages to be more successful than him. He feels an objective of anything less is not setting the bar correctly for that person. His passion for the field and for his colleagues shines through his easy to understand, hands on, and personal approach. Doug has worked from coast to coast with some of the largest organizations in the nation with great success. He enjoys golf, travel, exploring all types of cuisine, and most of all raising his 7 year old son.
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